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VAURadio.com Online Advertising

Advertising your brand, product, service, web site or event on the radio or online has never been easier!
VAURadio.com Dance Radio has a number of different advertising options and will tailor a package to suit your exact needs and budget requirements.

We know that online radio has become one of the fastest growing advertising mediums – more and more people are listening to radio online. With hundreds of thousands of listeners every month, it’s definitive proof that advertising on VAURadio.com really will benefit your business, by creating brand awareness and sales leads.

Your prospective customers may throw your marketing material in the bin, turn the page on your newspaper adverts, and forget to return your sales calls, but you can get the message across with VAURadio.com Dance Radio. We’re already there, in their homes, in their offices and workplaces, and even on playing their mobile phones via smartphone apps!
We’re delivering to their ears and minds right now! So, what do you want to say to our listeners?

VAURadio.com currently boasts a healthy number of on-line listeners who tune into the station each week – including 8,200 followers on the TuneIn mobile phone app for our stations, over 5,000 fans on the Facebook page and a loyal audience from the UK.

To make a sales/sponsorship enquiry please email us at management @ vauradio.com